About Hsinchu County American School

Hsinchu County American School (HCAS) was established in 2016 to fulfill the vision of Dr. Johnson Korrnell Huang to challenge the current education system in Taiwan. In summary, he saw the need to produce students who will have a lasting impact on society – changing the world and saving lives. Dr. Huang also envisioned students who will stop, think (critically), and act (fearlessly).

Dr. Huang believes that just as the purpose of a hospital is to save lives and to alleviate pain, the mission of a good school is to influence the future generations and to create aspirations. By combining the Western educational principles with Chinese educational philosophies, students at HCAS will benefit by learning the best of both cultures while being oriented and setting their standards toward North America. Regardless of whether our students decide their futures in Taiwan or abroad, they will be equipped for success in our complex globalized society.


Our mission is to educate the whole person using the Dalton Plan to develop individuals who contribute to humanity. Our community of lifelong learners fosters healthy, creative, social, and globally minded individuals who can think independently and critically. Our students strive for academic excellence by taking a challenging, balanced curriculum in core disciplines, the arts, and technology as embodied by the Seven Cs.