Hello and thank you for your interest in working within our HCAS community! We encourage highly-qualified teachers to provide their resume and cover letter to enter our pool of applicants. We are looking for educators who are team players and enjoy being a part of a school community's growth journey. We accept applications from candidates around the world, but candidates who are currently in Taiwan are preferred.


At this time, we have an opening for an EAL Coordinator. Candidates must be highly qualified with experience in 1) WIDA, 2) providing tiered support to students for whom English is an additional language, and 3) curriculum mapping, including accommodations and modifications that support language learning. Familiarity with the Logic of English program is a plus! 


Working at HCAS has many benefits, some of which include being on a traditional, North-American school calendar, being a 5-minute walk from the Taiwan High Speed Rail station, working on a beautiful campus, and, most importantly, working with fantastic staff who collaborate to create a solid learning environment for students and pleasant working environment for adults! Interested candidates should send a cover letter that details their fit for the HCAS community and an updated resume to Mr. Nathan D. Bryant, the Assistant Principal and Academic Director. He can be reached at and looks forward to hearing from you. Go Lions!


Employment Application and Process

  1. Resume

  2. Personal Statement describing the most important contributions applicant has made in the school and how s/he can contribute to the development of the HCAS

  3. Copies of Transcript(s)

  4. Two Professional References

  5. Lesson demonstration video (10 min)

  6. Interview (in-person or via Skype)


We welcome candidates with a (B.A.) or (M.A.) degree and teaching certification with two years of teaching experience for faculty members. We also encourage uncertified teachers with Peace Corps or AmeriCorps experiences to apply to our school.

Your application will be reviewed carefully and placed in our applicant data file for consideration for suitable positions.

Working at HCAS

  1. Hsinchu County American School (HCAS) is a progressive school with a dedicated community of educators. We believe that role and guidance of teachers are pivotal for students' academic success. Understandably, our community has high expectations from all incoming teachers.

  2. Teachers set great examples for our students by their professionalism, guidance, teaching, and leading. Teachers are expected to get fully involved in the school’s development and to offer enriching extra-curricular activities for our students. Teaching candidates considering working at HCAS should be prepared to meet these additional expectations in addition to their regular teaching load. The following points are some of the qualities we look for in our educators.

  3. Basic Qualities

  4. Experienced, qualified and highly professional

  5. Child focused – warm, caring and supportive

  6. Ability to work with parents and be part of a community

  7. Team player – collaborative, adaptable, positive and flexible

  8. Commitment to ongoing professional development

  9. General interest in Taiwan

  10. Stable and balanced personal life

  11. Experience in organizing school events and extra-curricular activities

  12. Pedagogical Profile

  13. Familiarity with American educational system preferred. (progressive education is a plus)

  14. Inquiry-based, activity-based, content mastery and hands-on learning

  15. Using local context and environment to enhance learning

  16. Multi-cultural approach or experiences

  17. Stimulating classroom environment

  18. Experience in differentiating teaching techniques and classroom management abilities

  19. School Year

  20. Each school year has approximately 180 contract days, starting in mid-August with faculty orientation and ending in the month of of June.

  21. School Hours

  22. Our Upper and Middle School schedule is based on 80 minute period per class (with 5 min break) on a block schedule. Our First Program schedule is based on 40 minute period per class. Teachers are expected to work 8 hours a day not including 1 hour allocated for lunch. Apart from teaching, time should be allocated for planning, preparation and classroom management, and general meetings with colleagues and parents.

  23. Co-Curricular Activities and Extra-Curricular Activities

  24. Teachers are expected to get involved in the Lab activities during the day and extra-curricular activities after school.  These activities include advisement for programs, clubs and/or coaching for sports take place after school.