College Counseling

Our goal is to help students be admitted to the best fitted university for them and we will assist them every step of the way.

Our responsibilities include:


General College Counseling

Parents who do not speak English should not be discouraged to contact us as our we offer this service in Mandarin as well as English.

Psychologist Session

It is always a big decision when it comes to choosing a university, and we understand both parents and the students’ angst, so we encourage parents and students to make an appointment with the college counselor to talk about your plans for the future. 


We look forward to working with all of you.

Volunteers Cleaning Beach

Community Service Hours Coordination

On and Off Campus

Community Garden

Of course limited by COVID-19, HCAS offers community service opportunities that are encouraged, but not required. 

Teacher Assistant Programs offer service hours that, if worked full-time, can be transferred into a single credit. 

Community service is a great way to show colleges that students care not just about grades, but about the wellbeing of their community. 

College Campus

College Visit Coordination

On hold due to COVID-19

Walking on Campus

Prior to COVID-19, HCAS coordinated college visits for Juniors and Seniors who are choosing where to spend their next four monumental years. 

Many colleges are transitioning to virtual college visits to assist students in the search for their dream schools, despite the current circumstances. 

Financial Reports

Course Selection

In and out of high school


HCAS College Counselors will assist students in selecting the necessary courses that ensure they have fulfilled all graduation requirements. 

Additionally, Counselors will assist students in choosing which courses to take during their first year at university. This is to help scholars off to a strong start by fulfilling their general education requirements as well as taking classes that interest them.  

Students Taking Exams

AP Exam Coordination


Reviewing for the Exam

HCAS offers 10 AP classes that can be transferred into college credits for select schools. This is pending the student pass the exam, which is always held in the first two weeks of May. Each exam is $125 USD for international students. Mock AP exams are not offered schoolwide, but instead fall under the jurisdiction of each specific AP teacher.  


SAT Administration


Reviewing the Law

As a response to parental requests stating their desire for increased SAT preparation, HCAS now offers 8 mock SAT exams this year. These tests will be free and will be graded and returned to students within one week. 

Taking an Exam

PSAT Administration


Exam Day

The "P" in PSAT stands for preliminary. This means that SAT preparation is offered for students in grades 8, 9, and 10. Students transition to the legitimate SAT in grades 11 and 12. 

As of now, HCAS offers no mock PSAT as the PSAT itself is a mock SAT to better prepare students.

School Profile

Students should have an emerging 

list of reach, likely, and safety schools by:

End of

Grade 11

College should fit you:

Academically, Socially, Geographically, and Financially

Important Information Regarding Financial Aid:

Need-Based Aid

Merit-Based Aid

Need-based scholarships are awarded to those who demonstrate financial need. 

Merit-based scholarships are awarded to recognize outstanding academic performance, talents, and leadership abilities. 

International students must apply for U.S. financial aid via: 


Students interested in schools in the United Kingdom should know that HCAS recently became a UCAS Centre! 

College Entrance Exams




Scholastic Assessment Test

This is a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test created and administered by the College Board. 


The SAT measures high school students' readiness for college. It also provides colleges with a singular common data point that is used to compare all applicants.

Length: 3 hours (+50 minutes if taking it with the Essay)

Sections: Math, Reading, Writing, Essay

Cost: $52 USD for international students. $68 USD for international students who take it with the Essay

Highest Possible Score: 1600

Average Score: 1060

American College Testing

This is a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test administered by ACT, Inc.

The SAT measures high school students' readiness for college. It also provides colleges with a singular common data point that is used to compare all applicants.

Length: 2 hours, 55 minutes (+40 minutes if taking it with the Writing)

Sections: Math, English, Science, Reading, Writing is optional

Cost: $150 USD for international students. $166.50 USD for international students who take it with the Writing

Highest Possible Score: 36

Average Score: 21

Test of English as a Foreign Language

This is a standardized test that measures one's mastery of the English language. Not all universities require this exam for entrance, but it is helpful for international students to prove they are fluent in English. 

The question formats of this exam are: multiple choice, sentence insertion, and “reading-to-learn.”

Length: 3.5 hours, including check in

Sections: Reading, Listing, Speaking, Writing

Cost: $210 USD

Highest Possible Score: 120

Average Score: 82








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