Student Council

HCAS student council members are elected by their fellow students every academic year to represent the student body and to serve as a channel for communication between students, administration, and other stakeholders of the community. The student council provides students the opportunity to put forward the issues and policies that matter to them. As originally espoused by John Dewey, student council activities often engage students in learning about democracy and leadership.


HCAS expects our student council members to voice their opinions and concerns in a polite and confident manner to our parents, teachers, administrators, and the HCAS student body. Our expectations are that our student council members demonstrate mastery of Compassion, Community, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical-thinking, Contribution, and most importantly, Communication. This mastery of the 7 C’s, also known as our Schoolwide Learning Outcomes (SLOs), demonstrates their readiness to lead in ANY and ALL communities. The goals and purpose of the student council are to enhance our community in the spirit of collaboration and democracy. Our student council members use constructive voices for continual growth of the school. Student council members should not trivialize democracy, but rather cherish it.

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