Students often don’t get a chance to learn what they are interested in.  With the Dalton Plan and Learning Labs, the student is free to explore their interests in an individualized manner.  Students have  the autonomy to decide what they wish to learn and how to complete learning assignments.  They take responsibility for time management and completing a task.  Dalton Labs provide the time, freedom and learning framework for students to take control of their learning.  They can choose between working on independent work, one-on-one time with teacher mentors, collaboration in small groups with peers, or peer tutoring.

The Dalton Plan seeks to nurture focused, self-directed learners, students who are empowered to take responsibility for their own learning.  Teacher mentors show them how to plan and complete a task, providing the support and encouragement they need and make sure they feel the satisfaction of completion. Lab time, timetabled into the school day, is student-directed, allowing students to learn to manage their time and responsibilities while receiving feedback.


As an example, students could be working on a Google Science fair project.  Or they could explore academic subjects and topics of interest - and in many cases - possible college majors, outside of what they typically learn in high school or hear from friends and family.


The following activities are being considered for Laboratory hours for the spring semester of 2018:



Legal Nerds


Sky Lounge

Russian Language


World Scholar Cup


Pet Club


Independent Study

Rock Band



Anime / Manga


Computer Program

Art & Design

Hedge Fund


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