Anti-Bullying Pink Shirt Day

In 2007, a boy in Canada entered his first day of high school wearing a bright pink Polo shirt. He was bullied by the popular kids for wearing such a vibrant, typically feminine color. After witnessing such a disheartening event, two boys went to the store immediately after school and bought tons of pink shirts. They distributed these shirts to as many students as they could. The following school day, hundreds of students arrived to school in pink shirts to show the new student that he is not alone and that the bullies were wrong to ridicule him. This event became known as Pink Shirt Day and is now an ongoing international campaign to prevent bullying. HCAS recognized such an important celebration and hosted a Pink Shirt Day of our own.

HCAS did not stop at pink shirts. Students were given markers and sticky notes to design anti-bullying notes. All grades aside from Kindergarten were invited to write notes of affirmation and positivity aimed at bullying prevention. While students were encouraged to write only one note, many had so much fun that they ended up authoring multiple notes. The notes were posted all over the school. HCAS is filled with happy and helpful students who work hard to create a pleasant and friendly environment.

These anti-bullying notes made by our students were then turned into collages. They are posted in front of our library, where students pass them everyday and remind each other to remain courteous, constructive, and kind. We are so lucky to have such a compassionate student body.