Christmas Charity

Being a school, we see education as the most important part of life. That’s why HCAS donated the proceeds from our Christmas event and Calendar sale to Boyo Social Welfare Foundation.

Boyo Social Welfare Foundation helps disadvantaged and aboriginal families escape the vicious cycle of educational poverty. The foundation encourages local college students and members of minority communities to work at tutoring centers. Boyo trains tutors and has provided many after‐school programs for low academic achievers at both elementary and junior high levels. These programs mainly focus on English and mathematics, subjects that often cause students the most difficulty. Through Boyo, more than 2,221 students have been tutored. This organization works tirelessly to bridge the unfortunate education gap between low and high-income families.

Members of HCAS leadership visited Boyo to deliver donations. We hope that our actions contributed to helping Taiwanese students gain better schooling. All children, regardless of class, deserve the right to a thorough education.

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