Finishing Strong

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

What a year it has been! Exciting, challenging, and gratifying in all the best ways. Students and staff alike have put their all into finishing the year strongly. It is humbling to be part of such a dedicated and driven community where we all push each other to reach our fullest potential. Here’s a recap of the last month of the 2020/2021 school year:

Advanced Placement Exams

Over the course of two weeks, 56 HCAS students took 153 AP exams in 24 subjects. Tests ranged from languages like German and Chinese to sciences such as physics and biology. Students studied diligently all year long to perform impressively on these exams. Scores will not be published until July 21st.


Under the direction of creative genius and drama director Chante Geary, HCAS students performed BOTS! This was a hilarious, heartwarming musical about high schoolers on competing robotics teams. Featuring actors from almost all grade levels, the show was a huge success! First Program students performed dances that were choreographed by our dance teacher, Mr. Serdar Kurbanov. A special commemoration goes to the behind-the-scenes students who helped with stage directing, lights, sounds, props, and set design. Backdrops were meticulously crafted by Dr. Tamas Szvet’s art team. A big thank you goes to the outsourced sound crew as well as all the parents who went above and beyond to ensure the performance was a success!

BOTS! was able to conclude one performance with a sold-out audience. However, because of the recent COVID outbreak, the second performance was altered. All thespians wore masks and performed to an audience-less gymnasium. Despite the last-minute changes, the final performance was spectacular.

Transitioning Online

Safety is HCAS’ first priority. As soon as we received news of the COVID outbreak, we sprung into action. Teachers utilized Microsoft Teams to transfer instruction online. Students participated in digital lectures as well as broke into chatrooms to continue supervised discussion with their peers.

While students participated from their bedrooms, teachers remained on campus to instruct from in their classrooms. All masked, of course. Temperatures were checked every day and lunch arrangements were adjusted to increase space between unmasked eaters. To be proactively cautious, HCAS staff members who live in Taipei were politely asked to stay home.

This was a difficult transition for our school, as well as all other businesses around the globe that were affected by COVID. Yet, despite the uncertainty, our community flourished. Art projects were still completed, musical exams were still performed, instruction across all arenas were not only carried out, but perhaps strengthened. HCAS’ determination to persevere through challenges such as this perfectly emulates our school motto: either we will find a way or we will make one!