First Annual HCAS Art Competition for World Poetry Day

HCAS has our first annual Art Competition of the year. Dr. Szvet worked with out Middle and Upper School students on implementing art works with the poetry that the students composed. The Jury had a difficult time choosing winners, because all participants created amazing visualization, therefore in addition to the medal winners the jury also wants to give an honorable mention to some students in recognition of their hard work. The competition was divided into the middle and the upper school, as the hours of art class differs. The jury members were: Miss Mina Lai, Mr. Dan Mark, Mr. Rich Cheng, and Mr. Tamas Szvet.


Honorable Mention: G5 TING / Chen, Hsu-Ting / 陳昫廷 Honorable Mention: G5 DORA. / Kao, Yu-Hsien / 高宇嫻

Bronze Prize: G6 EVA / Lan, Eva Tian-Yo / 藍天佑 Silver Prize: G7 AYURI / Oto Ayuri / 大藤彩優莉 Gold Prize: G7 DORA. / Tsai, Meng-Fan / 蔡孟凡


Honorable Mention: G9 CHI –CHI / CHI –CHI wang / 王以淇 Honorable Mention: G9 EMILY / Chiang, Chia-Yu / 姜佳妤 Honorable Mention: G11 YU ROU / Hsu, Yu Rou / 許語柔

Bronze Prize: G11 ANTHEA / Tsai, Ai-Ju / 蔡艾儒 Silver Prize: G9 EMILY Tsaur Gold Prize: G11. KARMEN / Lee, Hsing-Hua / 李幸樺


The medals and the certificates BESTOWED IN A SMALL CEREMONY due to the limiting of the size of group meetings to prevent the spreading of the Corona Virus.

Please follow the school Art competitions, because we will launch more initiatives connected to different topics and events.