Model United Nations, MUN for short, is a student-oriented research and solution proposal activity for the world's biggest issues. Students assume the role of delegates for a specific issue and must (1) conduct research profiles on their country assignment, (2) offer a policy statement on the issue and, (3) present solutions among a league of other like-minded nations that are debated using formal procedures adapted from protocol employed within the chambers of the United Nations.

HCAS sent a delegation to the prestigious HSINMUN Model U.N. conference. The conference was from October 16th to 18th at IBSH. Our delegation included Kitty Tseng, who acted as chairwoman. This is an extremely prestigious role only offered to the more dedicated and talented delegates. We are all very proud of Kitty.

HCAS’ MUN Lab meets twice per week with 25 students. During those Labs, we debate topics, issue overviews, perform mock debate seminars, draft resolutions, practice opening speeches, perform policy statement workshops, and prepare for inter/national conferences. We utilize OneNote Class Notebook as well as Microsoft Teams to perfect our documents. Some of the resources we use are even student-built!

The HSINMUN conference was in October, but there are many more to come. HCAS will participate in THIMUN in November, STMUN in December, HIMUN in March, and both TASMUN and THIMUN in April. We are so excited to watch our students tackle real-world problems with poise and professionalism.

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