HCAS began to explore bringing the Pre-AP program to our school in September. Upon observing our school in action, the new leadership team determined a need for better support of student learning before students enrolled in AP classes. By adopting the Pre-AP program from the College Board ©, we are creating a plan to scaffold the learning of our Grade 9 students by focusing on the basics and building skills needed for AP cases. The curricular materials from the College Board © that will comprise about 1/3 of instruction are meant to teach the skills that AP classes require one piece at a time. These classes were designed to support all learners in U.S. schools and will be perfect for our grade 9 students who need to build some basic writing, analysis, critical-thinking, and discussion skills before they are ready for an AP class. The program also allows us to use international benchmarks for success in the progress checks and performance tasks that our teachers will use from the Pre-AP online resources.

HCAS is proud to partner with the College Board to bring this learning experience to our students.

The Pre-AP program is one way that HCAS is investing heavily in preparing your children for the 21st century. The online learning platform for the Pre-AP is the same one that the AP classes use and it is called AP Classroom. Using this Learning Management System (LMS) will also help prepare our Pre-AP students for success in their AP classes. All Pre-AP classes share the same principles as seen in the chart below:

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