Thanksgiving Festivities

Thanksgiving is a holiday unique to America. It celebrates the amalgamation of the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. People living in the United States feast on this holiday to commemorate the meal that the two differing tribes shared together many years ago. It is a holiday that symbolizes gratitude and friendship.

As an American school, HCAS enthusiastically celebrated this anniversary. A ceremonial potluck was put together by staff members. Traditional Thanksgiving foods like turkey and mashed potatoes were served to the whole school, including parents. Parents and guardians of students were invited to join in the ritualistic fun. HCAS' hallways were packed with students, teachers, parents, and lots and lots of food. Some parents were kind enough to bring homemade dishes of their own. This added a Taiwanese fusion to the American feast.

Students played games, won prizes, and smiled all throughout the day. HCAS hallways were festively decorated with fun fall colors. A special thanks goes to Nurse Sharlin for her exquisite eye for interior design. It was a cheerful day that will be treasured greatly until next year when HCAS celebrates again!