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Hsinchu County American School believes in learning, growing, and developing outside of the four walls of the classroom.  Much of character building and cultivation of core values (honesty, compassion, courage, humility, citizenship, justice, conservation, good sportsmanship, self-reliance, respect, and responsibility) are learned by interaction between people at home or in the school community. Therefore, we offer variety of opportunities for activities both during and after school for our students.

While the co-curricular activities allow our students to follow their passion and interests as they relate to their subjects in school during the Lab time, extra-curricular activities help students hone their physical and social skills. Please feel free to explore our school’s Lab and extracurricular activities offered at HCAS.  

On weekends, we offer activities through the Star Academy. Tailored made for students in the kindergarten age, students play games and learn the importance of collaboration.  

In the near future, we are planning to offer tutoring center for students who require SAT, TOEFL, and other major testing preparation.  Please stay tuned.



HCAS Times




More than 30 choices for the after-school ExtraCurricular program


Labs provide the freedom and framework for students to take control of learning.


The House system at HCAS encourages both school and team spirit

Sports Teams

Including badminton, basketball, and tennis

Nurse's Corner


On March 29, 2018, a man was discovered with measles while traveling in Asia. 


a viral infection that causes an itchy rash of spots all over the body and flu-like symptoms

Sex Ed

HCAS not only educates students academically, but we want students to feel safe. 


Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and people. 


Classic Western Model Campus

Hsinchu County American School has a brand new American-style campus with newly equipped facilities and artificial and natural fields.


Central Surveillance Security System

Campus is fully secured by surveillance system cameras, a 24 hour security system and school guards.


Certified Kitchen

Our school provides well-balanced nutritional menus, hygienic facilities and imported water filtration and recycling system.

New & Modern Facilities

  • Audio-Visual and Convention Center

  • American Style Library and Reading Center

  • Technologically Designed e-Campus

  • Drive-Through Student Pickup Area

  • Music and Orchestra Room

  • Visual Arts and Pottery Room

  • Computer Lab

  • American-Style Cafeteria

  • Double-Room Dormitory

  • American-Style Student Activity Center

  • Multi-Functional Indoor Gymnasium

  • Auditorium

  • Outdoor Recreation Area

  • Dance Studios

  • Central Air Conditioning and Imported Water Filtration System


The Dormitory Residential Program (DRP) at Hsinchu County American School strives to support life-learning by developing responsibility, interdependence, freedom and cooperation. Boarding is an option for students to create a home away from home during the weekdays and to go home on the weekends. Currently, HCAS plans to cater to grade 9 to grade 12 students. There are two wings to separate accommodation for boys and girls with a dorm parent residence in between.

HCAS provides excellent brand new dormitory facility in which every student has a double occupancy space with study tables and closets. Students attend study hall, a time for self-directed learning, and staff members are on hand to provide guidance and mentoring for individual students. DRP ensures that students are happy, healthy and safe, while in our care.

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