Student Council

Greetings from the HCAS Student Council!


Elected by our fellow students every academic year, the HCAS Student Council serves to represent the student body and to communicate between students, administration, and other stakeholders of the community--by actively putting forward issues and policies that matter to us. 

As members of the Student Council, we voice their opinions and concerns in a polite and confident manner to our parents, teachers, administrators, and the HCAS student body. In doing so, we demonstrate the 7 C's of our Schoolwide Learning Outcomes (SLOs): Compassion, Community, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical-Thinking, Contribution, and most importantly, Communication. While working to enhance our community in the spirit of collaboration and democracy, we channel our constructive voices for continual growth of the school. Student Council members should not trivialize democracy, but rather cherish it.


In addition to facilitating communication amongst our community, organizing student-led and student-centered events remain inseparable to HCAS Student Council. Through hosting annual events on special occasions, we stay close to the 7 C's: Compassion when prioritizing preferences of the student body, Creativity and Critical-Thinking during the planning process, Collaboration and Contribution to propel ideas into action, and Community by fostering school-wide bonding. Below are a few of our events for the 2020-2021 School Year:

Spirit Week

With Daily Photo Booths, Tacky Tourist Drink and Ice-Cream Sales, and Daily Scavenger Hunts, students are encouraged to wear outfits that correspond with our five themes over the week:

 Trendy Tie-Dye Day, Matching Multiples Day, Tacky Tourist Day, Throwback Thurs-Day, and Flashy Formal Day


In doing so, students experience school spirit when various themed activities happen around the school (Community) and can express themselves beyond their daily uniforms (Creativity).

Upcoming: Teachers' Day, Halloween Haunted House, Winter Formal, Happy Holiday Socks, and More -

Stay Tuned!