Welcome to Hsinchu County American School

Hsinchu County American School (HCAS) was established in 2016. Our founders, Dr. Jing Wang M.D. and Chairman Peter Posen Huang wanted to fulfill the vision of providing quality education in Taiwan. They believe that education is vital in creating life-changing positive impacts on lives and ultimately contributing to the improvement of this world. Their deep belief in the importance of education and appreciation of the education system in the United States of America started our US-based private school, HCAS. 


We are located in the beautiful Zhubei City within walking distance of Hsinchu High-Speed Rail. We provide a US-based curriculum and have WASC accreditation candidacy for grades K-12. As of 2019, our current leadership consists of Mr. Seth Roberts, Mr. Nathan Bryant, Mr. Peter Huang, and Mrs. Vivien Lin. Our leadership team is steering us to our next major milestone, to attain the 6-year full WASC accreditation in Spring 2022. 


In addition to our WASC accreditation, our current leadership has driven HCAS to more improvement and growth. Our recent graduating students have gone to colleges of their choice in various parts of the world with scholarships awarded by our school of over NTD 36 million. Our student number has grown from 170 to 324 most recently. Our staggering growth is only the beginning of what lies ahead for us.