Welcome to Hsinchu County American School

Hsinchu County American School (HCAS) was established in 2016 by school Founder Dr. Jing Wang M.D. and Chairman Peter Posen Huang to fulfill the vision of Dr. Tsung Shan Huang M.D., the Founder of our organization, which originated in healthcare. The founding members’ collective appreciation for the North American education system provided the inspiration to recreate the North American private school model in right here in Taiwan to help students in their pursuits of success at the top universities of their choice around the world.


Through HCAS, the founders seek to offer an alternative to the traditional education system in Taiwan. Influenced by our organization’s roots in healthcare, the founders believe that education is equally important in creating life-changing positive impacts on lives and ultimately contribute to the improvement of this world.

"We shall either find a way or make one." Our school motto seeks to inspire students and members of our school community to be innovators and problem solvers.  It also speaks about overcoming challenges and having courage to take the path less traveled, even when it is often winding and unclear.

We are very fortunate to have Peter Shon lead us as Head of School for the past almost three years. Under his leadership, the school made significant achievements. We received the 3-year WASC accreditation candidacy for grades K to 12. Our two graduating classes have gone on to the colleges of their choice in various parts of the world with scholarships totaling over NT 10 million. Our student number has grown from 170 to about 320 projected for the academic year 2020-2021. Under his leadership, the school has developed our own distinct culture, identity and a sense of community. Ultimately, we will always be grateful to him that our school is in a far better state than we first found it.     

As we look ahead, we are excited about the future of our school and our students. We are pleased to have new members of the leadership team lead by Principal Seth Roberts to bring the school to new heights. His wife Michelle Roberts is also joining us as College Counselor. Also, we are fortunate to have Nathan Bryant as our Academic Director. With their combined breadth of experience and knowledge, our school will be able to strengthen our academics and fully support our students in their college admission pursuits. The leadership team will also lead us to our next major milestone with the goal to attain the 6-year full WASC accreditation in Spring 2022. Also, in order to cater to our growing student body and building up our curriculum, we will have more than 20 new teachers and staff joining us this academic year so we can offer more classes, including honors programs and additional AP courses. Principal Roberts, Mrs. Roberts, and Mr. Bryant have been working nonstop with our staff throughout this summer in preparation for a successful school year ahead. 

As a young school, we have made significant strides; however, we still have much to improve. Ultimately, every adversity is a test and forces us to reflect in search for deeper meanings. Through this process we are reminded of our greater purpose. During our most difficult times, what kept many of us going was knowing that the school gave everything we had to make a positive difference in our students’ lives. Ultimately, our school’s purpose is to serve our students in their pursuit of success, and in doing so we can contribute to making this world a better place. Success is an infinite process that requires continuous improvements. We will continue to improve our school and, as our founding PTA president would say, “make it better.”