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們想知道與我們的獅子驕傲有關的消息、成就和其他新聞!為了提高效率,我們創立了一個社群媒體發布申請表,您可以在此處 找到來分享您的故事。 此表格簡單且易於填寫。 它將幫助我們收集活動訊息、圖片、影片和連結以便與大家分享!

請留意:只有HCAS Microsoft帳戶可以存取該表格。 如果您是家長,請使用您孩子的帳戶提交請求。 如果您的孩子是幼兒園中班到 四年級,請將帶圖片的訊息發送給助教或老師,讓他們代為提交。

Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校

3 days 17 hours ago

This week is Spirit Week here at HCAS! Each day is packed with its own theme, creativity, and fun! Here are the 5 posters! We hope you find this suggestion helpful as you prepare for an amazing spirit

Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校

6 days 16 hours ago

Well done everyone! Today we had a record-time fire drill of 6 minutes and 13 seconds. Thanks to Dean Austin for leading this process to our new record time! As next Friday is Spirit Week, our entire school can enjoy a casual dress day on the following Wednesday, September 27th (the last school day of the following week). Thank you all for the effective collaboration and happy Friday!

太棒了! 今天我們在6 分 13 秒內撤離所有的師生並完成了的消防演習,創下了新的紀錄。感謝 Dean Austin 帶領我們創造了新紀錄!由於下週五是精神週,我們全校可以在下週三 9 月 27 日(本月的最後一個上課日)享受便服日。感謝大家的積極配合,祝大家星期五愉快!

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Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校

1 week 14 hours ago

HCAS kindergarteners have been learning about their school community. They have had several visitors to the kindergarten to talk about their roles in the school. Members of the school leadership team, as well as upper school teachers, came to talk about what they do, and each read a story to the class.

HCAS 幼兒園的孩子們最近一直在學習有關於我們的學校社區。通過這個主題,學校的各級領導成員以及高中老師們來介紹他們的工作與在學校的角色,並為全班同學朗讀故事。

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Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校

1 week 2 days ago

👧🧒👦🧑👩‍🦰 The recent event at our school, where Grade 10 Pre-AP Chemistry students showcased captivating chemistry experiments to kindergarten students, was nothing short of magical. It was truly a hear

Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校

3 weeks 2 days ago

Here comes the monthly menu for September!
Pulled pork burger, orange spare ribs, scallion beef, and classic spaghetti Bolognese, just to name a few delicious dishes that will be served this month at HCAS, the school with the best school lunch in Northern Taiwan!

九月份的每月菜單來了! 手撕豬肉漢堡、橘子排骨、蔥爆牛肉、經典番茄肉醬意大利麵,這只是其中幾道本月將提供的美味佳餚,新竹縣美國學校提供北台灣最美味的學校午餐!

Download the menu here drive.google.com/file/d/1DAlatMAcGIuAuojQZ1Wfpk3AbR7seGtv/view

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Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校

1 month 1 day ago

On Saturday some of our grade 8 to 11 students hopped on the train to Miaoli and helped clean the beach of plastic debris amidst afternoon downpours. They quickly filled up bags of waste and celebrate

Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校

1 month 6 days ago

Yesterday was the first day of our Lab Fair, where Monday and Tuesday lab leaders and mentors can present their labs to grade 6 to 12 students, so that they have a better understanding of what each lab is about. Some of the many labs offered this semester include: Chess, Woodworking, Advanced MUN, MUN for Beginners, Acoustic Guitar, YOGA, Sport Science Club, Wind Instrument Club and more!

昨天熱鬧的Lab Fair讓週一、週二課程的導師與社長向六到十二年級的學生介紹自己的Lab。本學期的Lab午後課程包含西洋棋、木工、進階模擬聯合國、初級模擬聯合國、原聲吉他、瑜珈、運動科學、管樂器、等更多!

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Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校

1 month 1 week ago

Here's some great news to kick off the new school year!

Congratulations to our grade 12 student, Jim, who was part of the team that represented team Taiwan at the 2023 International Economics Olympiad at Volos, Greece from July 25th to August 1st. They won 1 gold and 4 silver medals at this prestigious academic event, and we're very proud of them!




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Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校

1 month 3 weeks ago

All our amazing scholars are back from the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) Global Round in Seoul, jangling with medals, and loaded with trophies!!! 🥇 🥈 🏆🦙📚 They did SO WELL!!! Every single one of our schola

Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校

2 months 4 days ago

The Best & the Most Delicious School Lunch in Northern Taiwan Lunch is an essential part of the day to keep us going throughout the entire day of work or study. The difference between having a goo