Grade 12 Evie and Alan – National Merit Scholarship Program

For their scholastic talent, two of our grade 12 lions (Evie and Alan) have been named Commended Students in the 2023 National Merit Scholarship Program, which was based on their 2021 PSAT/NMSQT scores. They have demonstrated exceptional academic promise and represent a valuable national resource. Recognizing this is vital to the advancement of educational excellence, and we hope that this will help to broaden their opportunities and encourage them as they continue their academic journey!

Well done to our lions! HCAS understands the key role that we play in our students’ academic development, and we will keep evolving in our college counseling program to ensure that our graduates continue to study at the finest higher educational institutions around the world!

我們 12 年級的兩隻獅子Evie和 Alan在學業上的能力受到肯定,他們在2021年參加PSAT/NMSQT測驗的成績表現被美國優秀獎學金評為2023年榮譽學生。他們展現非凡的學術允諾並代表了寶貴的國家資源。認識到這一點對於我們推進卓越的教育至關重要,我們希望這個認可將有助於增加他們許多的機會並鼓勵他們持續往學術之旅邁進!

我們的獅子表現優異! 學校了解我們在學生學術發展中扮演著很重要的角色,我們將會持續發展我們的大學升學輔導課程,來確保我們的畢業生未來能繼續在世界各地最好的高等教育機構學習!