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Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校 is feeling thankful.

1 week 3 days ago

🎓✨ Congratulations to the Class of 2024! ✨🎓 We are overjoyed to celebrate the incredible achievements of this year's graduating class! The journey of the Class of 2024 has been filled with hard work, dedication, and countless memorable moments. Each graduate has shown resilience, passion, and a commitment to excellence that inspires us all. As we look back on the past years, we are reminded of the growth and transformation these students have undergone. Their accomplishments in academics, arts, sports, and community service are truly commendable, and they have left an indelible mark on our school community. As they step into the next chapter of their lives, we are confident that they will continue to shine brightly and make a positive impact on the world. To our graduates, we are incredibly proud of you and excited for what the future holds. Wish them all the best in their future endeavors. 🌟🎉 🎓✨ 恭喜 2024 年畢業生! ✨🎓 我們歡慶今年畢業班所取得的所有令人難以置信的成就! 2024 年畢業生經歷了努力、奉獻和無數難忘的時刻。每位畢業生都展現了韌性、熱情和對卓越的追求,並激勵我們所有人。 回望過去的歲月,我們不禁想起這些學子的成長與轉變。他們在學術、藝術、體育和社區服務方面的成就值得稱讚,他們為我們的學校社區留下了不可磨滅的印記。 隨著他們步入人生嶄新篇章時,我們相信他們將繼續閃耀光芒,為世界帶來正面影響。我們為我們的畢業生感到無比自豪,並對未來感到興奮。 祝福他們的未來一切順利。 🌟🎉 #ClassOf2024 #Graduation #ProudMoment #FutureLeaders #AchievementUnlocked

Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校 is feeling blessed.

1 week 3 days ago

We celebrated this joyous occasion with our wonderful community. Let's come together to honor our K3, G5 and G8 students and the incredible journey they've embarked upon! 🌟🎉

我們與最優秀的學校群體一同歡慶這個歡樂的時刻。讓我們齊聚一堂,向我們的 K3、G5 和 G8 學生以及他們即將踏上的嶄新且令人興奮的旅程致敬!🌟🎉

#K3G5G8CompletionCeremony #ProudMoment #StudentSuccess #CommunityCelebration #AcademicMilestone

Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校 is feeling motivated.

2 weeks 15 hours ago

🔥The whole school will recieve a speech from the acting principal then a video speech from the principal for next year. The winning house of the year will get presented the trophy and they will celebrate and take pictures. Winning Student Council members will give speeches to the school

✨代理校長向全校致詞,緊接著校長為新學年視訊致詞。年度 House 將獲頒獎杯,大家慶祝並拍照留念。最後獲獎的學生會成員向學校致詞!

Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校 is feeling motivated.

2 weeks 15 hours ago

🏃‍♀️There will be various competitions happening all over the school all day. In the morning it will be basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton, handball, table tennis, chess, connect 4, Wii dance comp. Afternoon it will be house activities in the 5th floor gym.

🏃‍♂️全校在這天舉辦了各種各樣的比賽。早上有籃球、足球、排球、羽毛球、手球、乒乓球、西洋棋、connect 4 以及 Wii 舞蹈競賽。緊接著下午在五樓的體育館舉行 House 活動。

Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校 is feeling fantastic.

2 weeks 15 hours ago

👏This video aims to introduce the best artwork created by the Pre-AP, Studio Art, and AP Art students at HCAS. Our final exhibition, as a tradition, always asks the students to pick the artwork they are most proud of. This year's exhibition is especially rich in different art mediums, as we showcase textile art, oil painting, pottery, resin, silkscreen, block printing, and designed clothes, among others. Let's be proud of our talented students!

影片介紹了 HCAS Pre-AP、Studio Art 和 AP 藝術學生創作的最佳作品。按照傳統,我們希望學生能在期末展覽展示他們最引以為傲的藝術作品。今年的展覽尤其展現了多元的藝術媒介,包含紡織藝術、油畫、陶藝、樹脂、絲網印刷、版畫、服裝設計等。讓我們為我們才華橫溢的學生們驕傲!

Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校 is feeling fantastic.

2 weeks 15 hours ago

💃The Hsinchu County American School Kindergarten class recorded their drama performance on video. The HCAS MADD (Music, Art, Dance, and Drama) department collaborated to create a unique performance, captured using a green screen room, so the students could have their own drawings in the background. Acting, singing, and drawing made the activity a comprehensive project, and the Kindergarten class did it all.

💃新竹縣美國學校幼兒園班級用影片記錄了他們的戲劇表演。 HCAS MADD(音樂、藝術、舞蹈和戲劇)部合作創作了一場獨一無二的表演,搭配綠幕使用,讓學生可以在背景呈現自己的畫作。演出蓋涵演戲、唱歌、畫畫,此豐富多樣的創作演出全由我們幼兒園班級包辦!

Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校 is feeling hopeful.

2 weeks 16 hours ago

🥦🫛🫘🫚HCAS Community Garden has worked hard on planting, researching, and gardening. The students from the Middle and Upper Schools have grown many plants such as tomatoes, chilies, potatoes, and many flowers such as roses and lavender. Our garden at the South Gate has up to 50 plants. We aim to advertise the love of Mother Nature and to educate the students about the hard work behind the food.

🌼🌸🪴🪵HCAS 花園在種植、研究和園藝方面下了很大的功夫。國中和高中部的學生種植了許多植物,如番茄、辣椒、土豆,以及許多花卉,如玫瑰和薰衣草。我們位於南門的花園有多達 50 種植物。我們的目標是宣傳對大自然的熱愛,並教育學生了解食材來源背後的辛勤工作。

Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校 is feeling fantastic.

3 weeks 15 hours ago

🎨✨This video documentation captures some creative moments from the Visual Art class of the HCAS 2023-24 academic year's second semester. While HCAS follows the California Arts Standards, the Pre-AP and AP students adopt the College Board curriculum. Students engage in project-based learning and practice collaboration while embracing various art mediums. From K3 to G12, students experience many exciting art projects, while having the chance to become confident in expressing themselves through the medium of art. The Visual Art class is led by the artist Tamas Szvet.

影片記錄了 HCAS 2023-24 學年第二學期視覺藝術課一些充滿創意的時刻。 HCAS 遵循 California Arts Standards,而先修 AP 和 AP 學生則採用 College Board curriculum。學生參與以專案為基礎的學習與實踐協作,並同時擁抱多樣的藝術媒介。從 K3 到 G12,學生體驗許多令人興奮的藝術項目,且同時有機會透過藝術媒介自信地表達自己。視覺藝術課由藝術家 Tamas Szvet 主持。

Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校 is feeling wonderful.

3 weeks 16 hours ago

✨The HCAS Spring Musical premiered on May 17th, featuring approximately 100 students from Grade 1. through Grade 12. The production was led by the MADD department. The Wizard of Oz was a magical show that included nearly all First Program students, as well as many middle and upper school students. The production emphasized student-centered learning, with students taking charge of the stage design, managing sound, lights, and the curtain, and even assisting with the directing.

✨HCAS 春季音樂劇於 5月17日盛大首演,約有 100 名來自一年級至十二年級的學生共同參與演出,由 MADD 部門領導製作。此次音樂劇《綠野仙蹤》是一場魔幻的演出,幾乎所有的小學部學生都參與其中,並且許多國高中部學生也參與了製作。此次製作強調以學生為中心的學習方式,由學生們負責舞台設計以及音效、燈光和布幕管理,甚至協助導演工作。

Hsinchu County American School - HCAS 新竹縣康乃薾美國學校 is feeling happy.

3 weeks 2 days ago

✨🏃‍♀️💦⛹️‍♂️On Monday, our elementary department held their final end-of-year Sports Day event! This exciting event involved students competing against each other in their small house groups at games including potato sack races, obstacle courses, giant hamster wheels and water relays. Thank you to our incredible parent and student volunteers who came to help us make this event happen! We couldn't have done it without you. Medals secured, our students spent the afternoon decorating their screenprinted keepsake totebags, spending some time with their classmates on the bouncy castle, eating delicious ice cream to cool down and enjoying a movie in the AV room. It was a memorable day for all!

HCAS 小學部於本週一舉行了學年末運動會!在這令人振奮的活動中,學生們在各自的 House 團隊中相互競爭,活動包括馬鈴薯袋比賽、障礙賽、巨型倉鼠轉輪和水上接力賽。感謝我們優秀的家長以及學生志工協助我們舉辦這次的活動!因為有各位的參與才能促成此次活動的大成功!領取獎牌後,我們的學生花了一個下午的時間裝飾他們的印刷紀念手提袋,與同學們一起在充氣城堡上度過一段難忘的時光,吃著美味的冰淇淋降溫,並在視聽教室欣賞電影。這對所有人來說都是個難忘的一天!🔥🤾‍♀️⛹️‍♀️