HCAS is an Advanced Placement (AP) and Pre-AP school, with the curriculum being based primarily upon Common Core standards.  Our educational program is inspired by the Dalton Plan, which is a progressive educational plan developed by Helen Parkhurst in early 20th century.

Focusing on developing the whole child, the Dalton Plan tailors each student’s program to his or her needs, interests, and abilities; promotes both independence and dependability; and enhances the student’s social skills and sense of responsibility towards others. Encouraging cooperation and providing an environment of freedom, along with a three-part plan (House, Assignment, and Lab) continues to be the structural foundation of a Dalton education. HCAS builds on this educational plan and seeks to expand by providing innovative ways to educate each student.

Students are divided into three groups – Kindergarten (K), First Program (FP), and Middle and Upper School (MUS). K consists of K2 (typically 4 year olds) and K3 (typically 5 year olds). FP consists of grades 1 through 5, and MUS consists of grades 6-12, which separates grades 6-8 as Middle School and Upper School as grades 9-12. The academic year at HCAS runs on two semesters, which are further broken into quarters. There are two quarters in a semester and two semesters in a school year. Also, each quarter contains approximately 45 days of learning. At the end of Quarters 1 and 3, K and FP students will receive progress reports while MUS students take midterm exams. At the end of Quarters 2 and 4 (which is the same as the end of the semesters), MUS students take final exams, and report cards are released.