Frequently Asked Questions

Students from all nationalities are welcomed at HCAS. If the student is Taiwanese, s/he must hold a second passport, or the parent must show official proof that a second passport is in process.

We have an EAL Program that is expanding each year. If your child’s WIDA score determined that s/he will need support from our EAL team, this will be communicated with the admissions decision. Being in the EAL Program is non-negotiable and does incur an additional fee.

This information and official reports from external evaluations (e.g., psycho-educational/psychiatric, speech and language, reading, writing, mathematics, neurological, occupational therapy) and/or an IEP (individualized education plan) or 504 plan that confirm the diagnosis must be disclosed during the initial conversation and campus tour. As we analyze the submitted information, we will determine if we have the capacity to support your child’s needs. If additional staffing is required to meet your child’s needs, we will inform the family that they will need to provide the financial support for HCAS to hire a member of staff to provide this support.


All decisions will be on a case-by-case basis depending on the need.

Once the admissions tests are completed, you will receive a decision within 5-7 business days.

Yes, but this is dependent on where the family lives. Further information will be discussed in person at the initial meeting and sign-up documents provided upon acceptance.

No, each family is responsible for buying a device for their child. This is mandatory in grades 7-12 and encouraged in grades 5 and 6. The device must be compatible with Microsoft Office.