School Lunch

Lunch is an essential part of the day to keep us going throughout the entire day of work or study. The difference in having a good lunch or not is night and day on our mood and energy level, and having a good lunch will keep us amped-up for the rest of the day, won’t you all agree? 


At HCAS we are confident that our school lunch is one of the best, if not the best in Northern Taiwan. It is so good that having lunch is something that all the teachers, students, and staff look forward to and discuss each day. It is so good that we just had to interview Chef Huang and his culinary team, Lisa, Josh, and James, to give everyone a glimpse of the team’s expertise and dedication to providing delicious meals for us each day.  





在新竹縣康乃薾美國學校,我們有信心我們的學校午餐是北台灣最好的之一,如果不是最好的之一。我們的午餐是所有老師、學生和工作人員每天都盼望和討論的事情。因此,我們不得不採訪黃廚師和他的烹飪團隊 Lisa、JoshJames,讓大家了解團隊的專業和奉獻精神,每天為我們提供美味佳餚 

The team is led by Chef Huang, who has more than 17 years of experience in the culinary field. 

Every morning at 7:30am, we step into the spacious kitchen preparation area in Hsinchu County American School. We step into the sanitization chamber as the first step of the procedures to ensure food safety, then put on our aprons. We then take out the ingredients that were just prepared yesterday afternoon and get ready to welcome the other fresh ingredients arriving today.  

We always prepare a day in advance. Each day after serving lunch, we wash and prepare fresh ingredients for the next day.

We spend a lot of time coming up with meal ideas a month in advance, which is then reviewed by the general affairs office, and provided to parents and students to see on our website at the beginning of each month. To give variety to the menu, we make sure that no meat appears twice on the menu each week.  

We request agricultural certification from the vendor as another step to ensure food safety.

To give everyone at HCAS a healthy and balanced diet, our meal consists of meat, vegetables, soup, fruits, and tofu or egg each day. The menu also lists possible allergens of each meal in case anyone is allergic.

Parents never have to worry about students not having enough to eat as students can take more from the buffet counter if they would like more. In addition, students in kindergarten to grade 4 are served snacks in the afternoon. 

They are pasta, beef noodle, pork dumplings (with corn, cabbage, leek), fried chicken (braised dishes, including beef, tofu, seaweed, egg, and pig blood cake.)

We often receive positive comments from staff and students throughout each week. Furthermore, there was this one time when a whole class of students came to the cafeteria to give us Thanksgiving cards, individually and for the team. Here is one of the cards we kept in the kitchen, and we have some at our own homes, too!

Parents are welcome to give feedback via PTA or to our general affairs office. Should parents or students notice any areas of improvement please tell us the exact date and name of the dish so we can pinpoint and make improvements timely and accurately.