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An independent, college preparatory, co-education day school in Zhubei City, Taiwan with 360 students capacity for grades K-12 all on one campus.

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Our mission is to educate the whole person using the Dalton Plan to develop informed, globally minded, ethical, and caring individuals who contribute to humanity. Hsinchu County American School (HCAS) seeks to develop well-rounded students who can become leaders in today’s globalized society. HCAS provides an academically rigorous and progressive educational environment along with activities that will develop strong character in students.

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WASC Accreditation

Hsinchu County American School has obtained the WASC Candidacy in Feb. 2019.


The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) covers accreditation in universities, colleges, and American schools throughout California, Hawaii, the Pacific, and Asia. Schools strive to achieve the expectations of the accreditation body such as WASC to ensure that good practices, international standards, and student-centered learning takes place.


HCAS teachers and staff hosted two professional development sessions with Ms. Barbara Parker from WASC. Parents were also invited to attend information sessions to help them better understand what WASC is and how schools can receive the accreditation.


During the meeting in October of 2017, Ms. Parker emphasized establishing global competencies in students such as researching current global issues, understanding interdependence and multiple perspectives, an valuing diversity. For the meeting in 2018, she emphasized the importance of evaluating student progress toward HCAS learners' goals.



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