Student applications are now being accepted at HCAS. Since the applications are processed in the order that they are received, parents are encouraged to submit their applications early. There are already waitlists for specific grades and classes so early applications are strongly recommended. Admissions decisions will be made in a timely manner based upon the assessment results, returning student re-enrollment, and space availability. Members of the Committee for admission are led by the principal, and the applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. In considering the admission criteria, we look for the ‘best fit’ model.  Majority of our students are Taiwanese dual citizens and smaller but thriving international community.

Admission Process

1. Complete Student Application

A completed and signed Admission Application Form must be received before a student can be considered for admission.


2. Campus Tour

Please make an appointment for a campus tour or sign up for our information sessions.

3. Admission Test and Transcripts and Recommendation Letters Submission

Please contact the Admissions department to check for availability before scheduling an admission test.


(1) Admission test

Test fee (cash only)
o    K3: NT 2000 dollars
o    Grade 1 - Grade 3: NT 3000 dollars
o    Grade 4 - Grade 12: NT 5000 dollars

(2) Transcript/ academic record

Grade 1 - Grade 4: one year and up-to-date current year’s academic record is required

Grade 5 - Grade 8: two years and up-to- date current year’s academic record is required

Grade 9 - Grade 12: three years and up-to-date current year’s academic record is required

(3) Confidential recommendations

Grade 1 - Grade 8: a recommendation from a homeroom teacher

Grade 9 - Grade 12: three recommendations from a homeroom teacher, an English teacher, and a Math teacher


*For grade 8 and above: English transcripts are required

*Above confidential recommendations need to be sent to the Admissions department directly from teachers. 
Please send them to

4. Application Review and Admission Result

5. Enrollment Procedures

(1)     Collect new student folder

(2)    Hand in enrollment documents and a photocopy of the student’s foreign passport

(3)    Pay reservation fee NTD 10,000



For more information, please send an email to Admissions.