Board of Directors

The Board’s main role is to help make HCAS better.

By doing so, they help students become better,

which in turn helps better the world we are building together.

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The Board, as well as everyone else at HCAS, is constantly working toward the improvement of our individual students as well as our collective institution. The Board is important not only to HCAS’ day to day success, but also to our journey to achieve WASC Accreditation.

All board practices are governed by bylaws. Though they do not participate day to day, there is a procedure in place to help the board oversee the school management team. HCAS utilizes a RRACIE chart to organize the flow of action.


The Board’s big-picture duties include:

Assisting HCAS in fulfilling our mission of educating the whole person.

Ensuring HCAS meets our critical student learning needs and sticks to our Student Learning Outcomes (7Cs).


The Board’s small-picture duties include:

Monitoring reports from the principal and school management team regarding matters such as:

our school action plan,

strategic planning,


resource allocation,

selection of board members and staff,

review and renewal of school plans and policies,

planning and approval of school budget,

financial oversight,

assessment of board bylaws,

evaluation and approval of staffing organizational structure,

as well as fostering student progress and achievements.